The statue of the Sorrowful Mother in mourning dress in the hermitage of Our Lady of the Garden Enclosed in Warfhuizen, the Netherlands.


I always feel: when one person is indebted to another for something very special, that indebtedness should remain a secret between just the two of them.
Selected Letters, Rainier Maria Rilke

In the shower I realized

That I’m no fucking saint but I think I’ve been given these obstacles in life so that I can understand how to better be a comfort and source of strength to people I love.


That was me with “Blow” by bey. I’m so ashamed
"You may have learned from your mother or any other hunted woman. Smiling at devils is a useful learned thing. Swallowing discomfort down in spades. Holding it tight in your belly. Ageing on the inside only. Keeping it forever sexy."
A fine art, by Yrsa Daley-Ward (via creatingaquietmind)

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